Low Country Boats | Our Story
Heavy duty all welded aluminum boats.All of our boats are fully customizable and 100% made in America. Our boats are completely built of 1/8 inch marine grade aluminum and FULLY welded, providing you with the most durable, long-lasting boat on the market.
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Our Story

Jeff & Josh

The Low Country Story

We love hunting and fishing, just like you.

Growing up in the outdoors along with his passion for hunting and fishing the Low Country of South Carolina, Jeffrey Cooper had a vision. After becoming a certified welder and years of mastering his skills in the fabrication industry, he teamed with expert machinist Josh Whatley and together they made Jeffrey’s vision come to fruition. Josh had years of machining experience and was finishing up an engineering degree at the time. Drawing from their years of experience in the fabrication and machining industry, coupled with their passion of boating and the outdoors, Low Country Boats was born. They were, and are, determined to make only the most durable, superior products possible and create a truly customized experience in the heart of South Carolina.

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